Here at Willow Bend Coffee we are all about the beans. We’ve been producing award-winning, medium to dark roasted coffee beans since opening our coffee shop in Adelaide’s inner-west suburb of Croydon, three years ago.

Ben Pankhurst is the man, the mastermind and founder of Willow Bend Coffee who started this local gem after noticing a gap in the delaide’s coffee market.

Before opening Willow Bend coffee, my wife and I would always go out for coffee and nearly every time we felt disappointed by hardly being able to taste the coffee flavour through the milk in our lattes.

This hole in the market gave me the leverage to start Willow Bend Coffee, bringing a range of coffee blends to the table that are smooth to drink as a black, yet still strong enough to taste through milk.

We now feel so humbled to have accumulated such a loyal fan-base of caffeine enthusiasts, who swear by our product, dubbing it the ‘best coffee in Adelaide!’.

Although our coffee is numero uno, our ‘family feel’ service is the secret ingredient.

Just ask our owner and roaster, Ben – Meeting and getting to know our ever-growing clientele, who are equally as passionate about coffee as we are, is the best part of this job.

I love the community aspect of it, seeing my regulars, seeing my customers - they are like family.


It’s not only the roasting techniques that create such a smooth and rich-tasting coffee, but the quality of the beans themselves that make Willow Bend Coffee a legendamongst locals.

We purchase from two ethically sourced and quality suppliers in South America tocreate the perfect roasts and to ensure the quality of every drip - Southland Merchantsout of Brazil, and Cofinet based in Colombia.

These beans are handpicked instead of machine-picked which guarantees the beansarenot under or overripe, giving them the absolute best flavour when roasted. Suppliers Southland Merchants is run by a Brazilian couple Nadia and Andre, who moved to Adelaide after building their network within the coffee industry in South America, providing direct access to the best beans from Brazil.

Cofinet is a fourth-generation, family operated business that distributes the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. These guys specialise in alternative fermentation processes, revolutionising the industry here and overseas. With these legends of the industry in tow, we can guarantee full-bodied flavour, and asmooth roast of liquid gold.

Our aromatic range includes the long-standing favourite, The GodFather – a stunningroast that holds the title of ‘Home Baristas Award’ from the 2020-21 Coffee Selectors competition. Try our delicious blends in store, and order our beans online for that perfect home-brew every time.